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Beauty is ahead of the curve

The secret of our success and happy smiling guests is quality and technologies, which are not even on the market yet....

As we take a little peek into the future every day...

Hi, I'm Sasha, the founder of Sasha Beauty.

I am a perfectionist. I am used to TOP services, flawless nails, gorgeous eyes, perfect eyelashes, hair and body. In my opinion, this is how the beauty business is supposed to work.

After  I moved to USA, I began to explore the field of Beauty and found huge business opportunities in here.  I realized that I wanted to develop in this direction and show that the eyelash extension service could be taken to the next level.

There is a saying: "If you want it to be done right, do it yourself”. That's what I did when I started to realize my dream.

I started to learn different beauty services: make-up, Permanent make-up and waxing. But the greatest interest I showed to eyelash extensions. I love scrupulous concrete work and I understand that with perfect technique the result exceeds all expectations. In this kind of art I manage to combine the creative and technical side of my personality in the best way.

What is the secret of the uniqueness of my business?

It is about development. I never stop to do it: I study, train my  staff , learn innovative technologies, try modern materials, introduce hit services, gradually scale up the business. I have been working on health and beauty for 7 years now and I get a lot of pleasure and energy from what I like and from the fact that it brings joy to the guests of Sasha Beauty.

At the beginning of my career I won the American championship in the category "Expert in Mega Volume Extensions". It was a huge step, a huge impact on my career, and it made me stronger. From that moment on, I started to stick to the strategy of being one step ahead of the competition. To offer something that others can't or won't offer at all.

Sasha Beauty's 3 principles of success:
- constant development and training
- expensive and high quality materials
- qualified and really professional staff

Our beauty expert are interned for up to 2 months, just to get to work, despite having the appropriate education.

I train my team with a taste for trends and a habit of quality and efficiency, love and respect for clients, the ability to listen and hear guests, sensitivity and attention, as well as responsibility for their work.

That's why we always have a goal and the means to achieve it. Our plans include opening other branches, setting up supplies of the highest quality beauty products and honing our training processes, forming new programs and introducing services, as well as online training courses and much more, which will remain a secret for now.

Come to us for innovation, 100% quality and materials, unique services and beauty. We always have something that you won't find in any other salon - the service of the future from Sasha Beauty.
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